Image Quality Tuning Areas 影像檢測流程

Image Quality Tuning Areas

The tuning process consist of a complex system of hardware components (sensor/lens), platform/ISP, software device drivers, and image quality tuning tools. Our engineers have over 14 years of experience understanding these complexities coupled with considering customer application specific performance requirements to develop a tuning and optimization plan to ensure best in class image quality.

There are many areas of interest for image quality tuning:

  • Geometric Distortion Correction 幾何失真矯正
  • Luminance Non-uniformity  亮度不均匀性
  • Color Shading 色彩偏差性
  • Auto Exposure 自動曝光
  • Color/ Auto White Balance   自動白平衡
  • Auto Focus 自動對焦
  • Gamma/Contrast  伽馬/對比 校正
  • Sharpness  銳利度
  • Noise 雜訊降噪
  • HDR  高動態
  • LED flash  閃燈
  • Others  其他