Dynamic Test Stand

As autonomous driving assistance systems continue to develop, it has become crucial to test the safety and effectiveness of these camera systems. The Dynamic Test Stand has the unique ability to check an automotive camera for its capability of detecting and differentiating multiple objects within the cameras field of view.

This device has effectively created a new way of testing automotive image quality by measuring contrast detection probability (CDP). New technology in the automotive sector means traditional KPIs such as SNR have less importance and new measurements such as CDP are needed to address the latest technology.

Essentially, the DTS can test an extensive dynamic scene as opposed to a synthetic scene all within a lab environment. In the test lab, it can precisely recreate driving conditions that would be much harder to duplicate in an unpredictable outdoor setting.

While an outdoor setting is still possible, there are few options for analysis software to evaluate the miles of generated data. A breakthrough with the DTS has been the development of CDP evaluation software that can quickly analyze the data to see the object detection probability of the camera.