GEOCAL is a geometric camera calibration device that uses a beam expanded laser in combination with a diffractive optical element (DOE). This device introduces a new dimension in geometric camera calibration.

Geometric camera calibration is essential for systems from certain industries, particularly those relying on the detection of objects in a moving scene (e.g., automotive, ADAS, security). After geometric calibration, the camera system will be able to more concretely measure distances and detect objects in a scene. A calibrated system will also be better equipped to compensate for high distortion levels (especially for wide field-of-view cameras) and to accurately align stereo camera pairs.

GEOCAL 是一種幾何照相機校准裝置,它使用擴束激光器與衍射光學元件 (DOE) 相結合。該設備為幾何相機校准引入了一個新的維度。