Imatest DarkWorld Mask & Frame for HDR targets

The DarkWorld mask pairs with the the Imatest 36 patch Dynamic Range Test Charts and Frame to block additional light from entering the camera. The additional light included in the non-measurement areas of the standard “GrayWorld” targets (LDR/WDR/UHDR) is intended to allow the camera under test to get a good automatic exposure on a scene that somewhat resembles a real world scene where flare light is present inside the lens.

After applying the DarkWorld mask, only 60% of each measurement patch and the registration marks remain visible. This darkened scene can be used to emulate a nighttime environment where maximum dynamic range will be more attainable. This target will be more difficult to expose, locking the exposure and seeing how well the steps can be recognized with and without the mask can be used to determine how much flare light is reducing your camera system’s dynamic range.

This mask is also compatible with older DR & HDR versions of the 36-patch dynamic range target.