Imatest Industrial Testing (IT) Subscription License Floating_浮動式一年授權/IT5000-FL

Imatest IT is a set of software components that allow for the integration of key module functionality into your custom testing programs. Quickly test products on the production line while maintaining quality standards. Manage multiple suppliers using one unbiased testing algorithm and catch quality issues earlier in your supply chain.

Volume discounts apply based on the cumulative number of IT licenses purchased by a customer.

Imatest IT 是一套軟件組件,可將關鍵模塊功能集成到您的定制測試程序中。在生產線上快速測試產品,同時保持質量標準。使用一種客觀式數字化的測試算法管理多個供應商,能在供應鏈中更早地發現產品製造時的質量品檢問題。

批量折扣根據客戶購買 IT 許可證的累計數量而定。