Imatest Studio License_個人攝影研究

Imatest Studio has all the measurements the individual photo enthusiast needs to test his or her cameras or lenses. It contains many of Imatest Master’s sophisticated features while remaining an affordable choice for individual photographers. See Version Comparison: Studio vs. Master for details. A new Studio license includes one year of Support.

Individual Photographers Only

Imatest Studio 具有個人攝影愛好者測試其相機或鏡頭所需的所有測量功能。它包含 Imatest Master 的許多複雜功能,同時也是個人攝影師的經濟實惠之選。請參見版本比較: 有關詳情,請參閱版本比較:Studio 與 Master。 新的 Studio 許可證包含一年的支持服務。