The Vega light source presents a solution for high precision measurements of exceedingly short exposure times often seen in automotive-grade cameras. Vega uses LEDs that are driven by DC (direct current) technology making it one of our most sophisticated and unique light sources ever developed.

Cameras with very short exposure times often experience stability problems due to inadequate testing devices. Vega has extremely high stability that provides a previously unattainable consistency for measuring these types of cameras.

While we do use DC technology for this device, we are able to eliminate color shifting through the meticulous selection of the LEDs. The DC driver does not affect temperature regulation and we can achieve temperature stability within half a degree. The temperature system works both ways (i.e., heating and cooling) and it will remain consistent even when turning on/off different light sources or changing the intensities.

Vega also has advanced flicker capabilities and can be generated from a wider frequency range. We have also further developed the low-frequency functionality to include sine, triangular, and square waveforms, which allows us to cover nearly all real-world scenarios.

Vega 光源為汽車級相機中常見的曝光時間極短的高精度測量提供瞭解決方案。Vega 採用直流(DC)技術驅動 LED,是我們迄今為止開發的最精密、最獨特的光源之一。

曝光時間極短的照相機通常會因測試設備不足而出現穩定性問題。Vega 具有極高的穩定性,為測量這類相機提供了以前無法實現的一致性。

雖然我們在該設備中使用了直流技術,但通過對 LED 的精心選擇,我們能夠消除色差。直流驅動器不會影響溫度調節,我們可以實現半度以內的溫度穩定性。溫度系統可雙向工作(即加熱和冷卻),即使在開啓/關閉不同光源或改變強度時,也能保持穩定。

Vega 還具有先進的閃爍功能,可以產生更寬的頻率範圍。我們還進一步開發了低頻功能,包括正弦波、三角波和方波,這使我們能夠覆蓋幾乎所有的實際應用場景。