Micro Multi Slide Dot Pattern and Checkerboard Chart

A glass target produced with low-density chrome at a 10:1 contrast ratio. This high precision test chart allows testing of high-resolution close range cameras at multiple object distances and enables the precise measurement of sharpness, distortion and chromatic aberration.

Multiple measurement areas, with a size ratio of 2:1, enables testing at a wide range of close distances while being able to fill your field of view with testable chart area. This chart is available in two sizes: 100mm (4″) square or 25 x 75mm (1×3″)

For ease of placement and removal, options include an acrylic frame sized for Imatest LED Lightboxes size B through D and Light Panels size A through D.

While this chart should be able to cover a large range of use cases, please contact charts@imatest.com for different sizing or design customization.