Rez Checker Target

This is a professional grade miniaturized target for assessing color, tone, and white balance in addition to measuring resolution and Spatial Frequency Response (SFR) or Modulation Transfer Function ( MTF) for digital cameras/scanners using edge gradient analysis of ISO 12233 and ISO 16067.

All target patches are made in cooperation with Munsell Color Services from the same pigmented color paints as the GretagMacbeth™ ColorChecker®. At center are 12 spectrally neutral gray patches for assessing correct exposure and white balance. (These are NOT ink-jet, photographic, or electro-photographic generated colorants).

The slanted edges can be used to reliably measure SFR or MTF out to 3000 dot-per-inch or 60 cy/mm with the appropriate software. Five line visual hyperbolic wedges are also included to aid in visual assessment of limiting resolution to 850 dpi.