Automated OIS tests with six degrees of freedom

STEVE executes controlled movements and delivers results about the performance of a camera’s image stabilizer.

The Stabilization Evaluation Equipment (STEVE) has been developed for the qualitative analysis of (optical) image stabilizers (OIS). The Image Stabilizers provide a better image quality by compensating for the human hand’s natural tremor: if the stabilization is working well, it can prevent blurring in the image.

A digital camera or mobile phone must first be mounted securely on the hardware to begin a measurement with STEVE. The software solution gives the user the ability to define any arbitrary motion with six degrees of freedom and thus put STEVE-6D in a controlled vibration. The software also controls iQ-Trigger, a remote-controlled, mechanical “finger,” which presses the camera’s shutter button. The software’s analysis module evaluates the resulting images. The results provide insight into the image stabilizer’s performance.

六自由度自動 OIS 測試

STEVE 可執行受控運動並提供有關相機圖像穩定器性能的結果。


首先必須將數碼相機或手機穩固地安裝在硬件上,才能開始使用 STEVE 進行測量。軟件解決方案使用戶能夠定義具有六個自由度的任意運動,從而使 STEVE-6D 處於受控振動狀態。軟件還可以控制 iQ-Trigger,這是一個遙控機械 “手指”,可以按下相機的快門按鈕。軟件的分析模塊會對生成的圖像進行評估。結果可幫助用戶深入瞭解圖像穩定器的性能。