Upgrade to Imatest Ultimate Edition Perpetual License_由 IT/Master 版本升級

Upgrade your Imatest Master Perpetual node-locked License to Ultimate node-locked Edition. Imatest Ultimate offers our complete software capabilities within a single license.

Imatest Ultimate combines the analysis suite of Imatest Master and the automated testing of Imatest IT. This enables engineers to refine their settings while they are integrating Imatest’s software library with their factory or lab control systems without having to deal with multiple licenses or computers.

Pricing is for node-locked license upgrades. To upgrade an existing floating license or to a floating license, email sales@dhd.com.tw

將您的 Imatest Master 永久節點鎖定許可證升級到 Ultimate 節點鎖定版。Imatest Ultimate 在單一許可證內提供完整的軟件功能。

Imatest Ultimate 結合了 Imatest Master 的分析套件和 Imatest IT 的自動測試。這使工程師能夠在將 Imatest 軟件庫與工廠或實驗室控制系統集成的同時完善其設置,而無需處理多個許可證或計算機。

定價針對節點鎖定許可證升級。如需升級現有浮動許可證或升級為浮動許可證,請發送電子郵件至 sales@dhd.com.tw