VCX Webcam Studio


The 6 key areas of focus for VCX-WebCam 2023


  • Visual Noise – a way of measuring image noise similarly to the way the human eye does.
  • Contrast, Dynamic Range and Exposure – These three areas are often linked. How bright your image is, the range of what is “bright” and “dark” and how well details in dark areas are reproduced are all key areas that separate better from lesser designs.
  • Spatial Frequency Response – a way of measuring not just how “sharp” an image is, but how well image detail is preserved and carefully enhanced without adding unpleasant artifacts.
  • Color Reproduction – How well a camera reproduces colors, not just in a test chart but in different faces across many different test scenarios.
  • Image Uniformity – Sometimes called “shading”, a measure of how consistent brightness and color accuracy are across the entire image.
  • Framerate – How fast your camera responds to the real scene often depends solely on how often frames are captured. Thresholds for framerate in low and mid-light conditions focus on the places problems happen the most.

Videos and still can be analyzed using Imatest software and supporting scripts to obtain objective metrics quantifying auto exposure, white balance, and color accuracy performance.