VCX Webcam Studio

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The VCX WebCam Studio is a comprehensive chart design to measure a variety of Image Quality Factors. This target is designed according to VCX Webcam standard specifications. The chart contains the Calibrite Classic ColorChecker, Siemens star, spilled coins/dead leaves texture, and slanted edge targets.

The VCX webcam studio optionally includes motorized head turner and two different mannequin heads—one with a dark skin tone (Richard) and a second with a light skin tone (Alexis), which are used to compare the behavior of auto white balance (AWB) and auto exposure (AE) algorithms under various conditions. The rotary head turner can turn the head to look away from the camera for testing of adaptive auto-exposure in video webcams.

Optionally includes Camera Timing System LED-Panel for timing testing and/or a Specbos spectraradiometer for measuring the lighting spectrum.

Article: How Consumer Cameras Perform Across Skin Tones
Paper:  Evaluating Camera Performance in Face-Present Scenes with Diverse Skin Tones

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