TE42-LL Timing chart used in ISO 19093 and ISO 15781 應用方法

The TE42-LL Timing chart combines the standard TE42-LL chart for low-light testing and two LED-Panels for timing measurements. The TE42-LL is the exact chart used in ISO 19093, which describes the methods and procedures for measuring the low light performance of a digital camera. The LED-Panel is designed to measure the crucial timing parameters outlined in ISO 15781.

Two LED-Panels are integrated into opposite corners of the TE42-LL Timing chart, thus creating an accurate low-light scene with timing measurement capabilities. The TE42-LL Timing chart is also currently utilized by the VCX-Forum for low-light timing measurements.

TE42-LL 計時圖結合了用於低光測試的標準 TE42-LL圖和用於計時測量的兩個 LED-面板。TE42-LL 是 ISO 19093 中使用的精確圖表,該圖表描述了測量數碼相機弱光性能的方法和程序。LED 面板的設計是為了測量 ISO 15781中概述的關鍵計時參數。

兩個 LED-Panel 被集成到 TE42-LL計時表的相對角落,從而創造了一個具有計時測量功能的精確的低光場景。TE42-LL 計時圖目前也被 VCX-論壇用於低光計時測量

A camera timing measurement solution :