Imatest 36-Patch Dynamic Range Test Charts

These targets have 36 low-noise density patches and density ranges exceeding 50dB, 100dB and 150dB. The three options fulfill needs for Low, Wide, and Ultra-High Dynamic Range systems. A nearly circular patch arrangement ensures that vignetting has minimal effect on results. For the Wide and Ultra-High variants, there are regions on the left and right sides of the chart for detecting flare light that can interfere with HDR performance. The charts have an active area of 197x235mm (7.75×9.25 inches) on 203x254mm (8×10 inch) high precision LVT film.

Options include an acrylic frame for ease of placement and removal, and the Imatest DarkWorld Mask (see details below).

Custom pre-distorted versions are available for fisheye lenses. Contact

CSV reference file with actual densities provided with purchase.

Download PDF Info Sheet