iQ-LED Technology

iQ-LED technology* features an all-in-one light source that is capable of recreating numerous other light sources in a test lab environment. In other words, the technology of the iQ-LED can generate custom spectra by the optical mixing of emitted radiation from spectrally different LEDs. Any light source whether it be natural sunshine, automotive brake lights, or a standard light from a lab can be simulated with the iQ-LED device.

The standard module consists of 41 high power SMD LEDs separated into 20 channels on a 10 x 10 cm board. This module can be used as a single light source, or it can be part of an array consisting of multiple iQ-LED units acting as one larger light. By combining the hardware with control software and a NIST traceable absolute calibrated spectrometer, the iQ-LED can recreate your lighting requirements.

The iQ-LED V2 module is built into many of our illumination devices (list below).*

The increasing reliance on cameras throughout society today has made it even more imperative to accurately test the performance of a camera in different lighting environments. iQ-LED technology greatly increases the possibilities and the accuracy of camera testing.

iQ-LED 技術*是一種多功能光源,能夠在測試實驗室環境中再現眾多其他光源。換句話說,iQ-LED 技術可以通過對光譜不同的 LED 發出的輻射進行光學混合,生成定制光譜。iQ-LED 設備可以模擬任何光源,無論是自然陽光、汽車剎車燈還是實驗室的標準光源。

標準模塊由 41 個高功率 SMD LED 組成,在一塊 10 x 10 釐米的電路板上分成 20 個通道。該模塊可作為單個光源使用,也可作為由多個 iQ-LED 單元組成的陣列的一部分,作為一個更大的光源使用。通過將硬件與控制軟件和 NIST 可追蹤絕對校准光譜儀相結合,iQ-LED 可以滿足您的照明要求。

iQ-LED V2 模塊內置在我們的許多照明設備中(列表如下)。

當今社會對照相機的依賴性越來越強,因此在不同的照明環境下對照相機性能進行精確測試就顯得更為重要。iQ-LED 技術大大提高了照相機測試的可能性和精確性。