Many cameras only have a fully automatic focus. With this in mind, the primary objective of the iQ-Defocus is to defocus or restart the automatic focusing system of a camera for a better analysis of the timing measurement of the device under test.

The iQ-Defocus is primarily used in conjunction with the LED-Panel. The LED-Panel is our timing measurement device for analyzing various timing measurements such as shooting time lag and shutter release time lag.

It is also recommended to use the iQ-Defocus in combination with the iQ-Trigger or iQ-Trigger -T, thus continuing to reduce the possibility of human error.

許多相機只有全自動對焦功能。有鑒於此,iQ-Defocus 的主要目的是散焦或重新啓動相機的自動對焦系統,以便更好地分析被測設備的定時測量。

iQ-Defocus 主要與 LED 面板結合使用。LED 面板是我們的定時測量設備,用於分析各種定時測量,如拍攝時滯和快門釋放時滯。

我們還建議將 iQ-Defocus 與 iQ-Trigger 或 iQ-Trigger -T 結合使用,從而繼續減少人為錯誤的可能性。