iQ-Climate Chamber

The iQ-Climate Chamber creates different temperature scenarios for camera performance testing. It is currently the only device on the market for testing your camera system in a temperature-controlled environment.

The iQ-Climate Chamber itself has a test range of -30 °C to 120 °C* with a temperature stability of +/- 0.3 K. Temperature test sequences can be programmed directly on the device.

To perform a test, the camera will first need to be mounted in the device with the lens pointing out of the side window. The test target is located outside of the chamber should be set up perpendicular to the optical axis.

The iQ-Climate Chamber will greatly benefit almost all industries that work with cameras in revolving temperature environments. It will be particularly beneficial for testing automotive and security cameras, which are required to perform at the highest level regardless of the weather conditions.

iQ-Climate Chamber 可為相機性能測試創建不同的溫度場景。它是目前市場上唯一能在溫控環境下測試相機系統的設備。

iQ-Climate Chamber 本身的測試範圍為 -30 °C 至 120 °C* ,溫度穩定性為 +/- 0.3 K。


iQ-Climate 試驗箱將使幾乎所有在旋轉溫度環境下使用相機的行業受益匪淺。它尤其適用於汽車和安防攝像機的測試,因為無論天氣條件如何,這些攝像機都必須以最高水平運行。