camSPECS V2 measures the spectral sensitivity more effectively by mounting all of the interference filters onto one “test chart.” The newest version uses new high-quality interference filters.

The light source is designed to ensure equal power output for the interference filters and to not exceed the dynamic range of the camera. Neutral density filters in the front plate are used to compensate for possible non-uniformities of illumination.

The camSPECS hardware consists of a metal housing with a stabilized power supply for the halogen light source. The 39 interference filters, mounted on the front plate, provide monochromatic light from 380 nm to 760 nm.

camSPECS V2 將所有干擾濾波器安裝到一個 “測試圖 “上,從而更有效地測量光譜靈敏度。最新版本使用了新型高質量干擾濾光片。


camSPECS 硬件由一個金屬外殼和一個穩定的鹵素光源電源組成。安裝在前板上的 39 個干涉濾光片可提供 380 納米到 760 納米的單色光。