The LE7 is a uniform lightbox that uses iQ-LED V2 technology to increase the effectiveness of image quality camera testing with transparent test charts.

iQ-LED V2 technology is a light source that is capable of generating custom spectra to replicate various light sources in a test lab environment. As with our other iQ-LED products, the LE7 uses 20 LED-channels to emulate almost any light spectrum for your camera testing.

LE7 是一種使用 iQ-LED V2 技術的均勻燈箱,可提高使用透明測試圖表進行圖像質量相機測試的效率。

iQ-LED V2 技術是一種能夠產生定制光譜的光源,可在測試實驗室環境中複製各種光源。與我們的其他 iQ-LED 產品一樣,LE7 使用 20 個 LED 通道,幾乎可以模擬任何光譜,用於相機測試。