Imatest Benchtop Test Stand-Stray Light/Target Projector Version

The Imatest Benchtop Test Stand Stray Light (Flare) / Target Projector Version (BTS-SLTP) is an easy-to-use test fixture for accurate and repeatable image quality testing. The fixture is purpose-built for stray light (flare) testing and long-range testing in a limited space.

  • Derive objective metrics such as normalized stray light (flare) using images captured with the stray light module.
  • Perform long-range testing in a confined space using the target projector module.

The BTS Stray Light/Target Projector Fixture features a rail system for repeatable test positions. Choose from the manual version (manual Z, X and Y axis) or the motorized Z-stage (1045mm). The fixture requires a motorized Gimbal