he CAL4 is designed for measuring resolution, color, OECF, dynamic range and noise when using an endoscopic light source.

The 0,3m integrating sphere provides a uniform illumination over the 50 mm chart plane. Simply connect the integrating sphere with the endoscopies (light projector) light source, to a fiber optic cold light cable, by using one of the four adapters that are compatible with the most common light projectors.

CAL4 專用於測量使用內窺鏡光源時的分辨率、色彩、OECF、動態範圍和噪聲。

0.3 米的積分球可在 50 毫米的圖表平面上提供均勻的照明。只需將積分球與內窺鏡(光源投影儀)光源連接到光纖冷光電纜上,使用與最常見的光源投影儀兼容的四個適配器中的一個即可。