The LED-Panel V5 is one of the market’s most popular timing measurement devices for determining all the crucial timing values for digital cameras. We offer variations with different peak wavelengths, viewing angles, and versions that support near VIS-IR testing.

The latest version has a few notable features, including the ability to dim the LED array, which greatly improves the use of the device under low-light conditions. Other parameters, including rolling shutter, shutter lag, and bright-light conditions, have improved accuracy, and the frame rate has also expanded its measurement range. Finally, the USB interface now supports the entire speed range of the LED-Panel.

The LED-Panel uses an array of LEDs that offer various illumination modes and frequencies depending on the measurement parameters. This device meets all the requirements outlined in the timing measurement standard ISO 15781. The standard describes different timing measurements such as shooting time lag, negative shutter release time lag, shutter release time lag, shooting rate, and start-up time.

LED 面板

LED-Panel V5 是市場上最受歡迎的定時測量設備之一,用於確定數碼相機的所有關鍵定時值。我們提供具有不同峰值波長、視角和支持近 VIS-IR 測試的各種型號。

最新版本具有一些顯著特點,包括可以調暗 LED 陣列,這大大改善了設備在弱光條件下的使用。其他參數,包括滾動快門、快門滯後和強光條件,都提高了準確性,幀頻也擴大了測量範圍。最後,USB 接口現在支持 LED 面板的整個速度範圍。

LED 面板使用 LED 陣列,可根據測量參數提供不同的照明模式和頻率。該設備符合定時測量標準 ISO 15781 的所有要求。該標準規定了不同的定時測量方法,如拍攝時滯、負快門釋放時滯、快門釋放時滯、拍攝速率和啓動時間。