Through modern lighting technology, the LG3 creates new possibilities in image laboratories by considerably expanding the test areas for dynamic range measurements. The LG3 is capable of illuminating a high contrast test target with over 150000 lx (for the LG3 to make an exact indication of the intensity on the chart in luminance [cd/m²], a measuring device is required, e.g., PRC Krochmann RadioLux).

As a result, measurements of a high dynamic range are possible with short, practical exposure times. The user can also dim the intensity while the LG3 temperature management ensures that the light CCT (correlated color temperature) does not change.

通過現代照明技術,LG3 大大擴展了動態範圍測量的測試區域,為圖像實驗室創造了新的可能性。LG3 能夠以超過 150000 lx 的亮度照亮高對比度測試目標(LG3 要在圖表上以亮度[cd/m²]準確顯示強度,需要使用測量設備,如 PRC Krochmann RadioLux)。

因此,只需很短的實用曝光時間,就能測量出很高的動態範圍。用戶還可以調暗強度,同時 LG3 溫度管理功能可確保光 CCT(相關色溫)不發生變化。